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The Jujube tree, Ziziphus jujuba,  is a rare, much sought-after, Oriental tree from China that is cold hardy enough to grow in practically every State and requires such low chilling temperatures that it can even be grown in Florida, South Texas and Louisiana.  There are many grafted cultivars of Jujube and the trees are easy to grow, but the tree prefers a sandy soil and full sun for the best fruity flavor.  When ripe the jujube fruits begin turning reddish-green, and the skin is soft, and when fully ripe the pulp is moist with a slight honeyed bouquet.  The ripe jujube fruit is delicious with a taste and aroma similar to the pear-apple. Some fruit fanciers prefer to eat the jujube when it is completely red-rust  in color but others prefer the fruit when the color first appears when the fruit acquires a slightly sour taste.

Lang Jujube Tree Li Jujube Tree
USDA Zones 5-10 USDA Zones 5-10
  • Lang Jujube Trees
    The Lang Jujube tree is covered with waxy, dark green, shiny leaves on twigs that ripen 2 inch Jujubes in July that are shaped like tiny pears and develoop a sweet, crisp flavor that is reminiscent of apple vapors.
  • Li Jujube Tree
    The Li Jujube tree, pronounced 'Lee,' produces tiny creamy fragrant flowers that grow into round, plum-like jujubes that can be eaten fresh off the trees or can be dried for eating later with a subtle taste of apple.