For those who enjoy planting a backyard garden, orchard, vineyard or just a few berry bushes, Aaron's Farm folks can supply you with the highest quality plants at the lowest possible prices.

At Aaron's farm we grow plants, watch their development as fruiting trees and bushes, and then harvest the best plant varieties for you that are available to grow in your area.

Grow a Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranates are a sweet rare fruit that Doctors say will improve your health and save you money.

Red Plums are a Fast Growing Fruit Tree

Plant plum trees in your garden and pick plums from your own trees beginning in June.

Thornless Black Berry Bushes

Thornless blackberry bushes will delight your children and fill baskets of berries in late spring with fresh tasty breakfast blackberries picked straight off the bush.

Plant Blueberry Bushes

Aaron's farm specializes in Rabbiteye blueberry plants that can produce up to 5 gallons per plant when mature.

Red Crape Myrtle Flowering Trees

Plant a fiery-red Dynamite Crape Myrtle tree that will brighten up your yard landscape for 90 days of continuous flowering beginning in June.

Get Seedless Grapes

Find cold hardy seedless grape vines for sale at Aaron's Farm that produce delicious red grapes without seeds, perfect to eat as a table grape for your desert.

Buy a Fig Tree

Fig trees often bear the first year of planting, and these figs are sweet and tasty to eat when picked directly off the tree.

It's Planting Time!

Fruit Trees-Berry Plant-Nut Trees-Grapevine

If you're anxious to buy the new best plants for your fruit tree orchard or to find top berry planting selections, Aaron's Farm Nursery is ready to get you started with an order right now.

Aaron's Nursery top plants and best trees are fresh-dug and shipped immediately to ensure healthy vigorous growth. Call in your fruit tree order today - Toll Free - and receive growing and planting tips from our phone representative experts.