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  Paw Paw Tree
Paw Paw Tree

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The Paw Paw tree, Asimina triloba, is the largest edible, native fruit of the United States, and some individual specimens have weighed up  to  2 pounds each and can grow to 6 inches long.  This rare fruit tree is found growing deep rooted in the wild in the forests of Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana.  In Michigan and Illinois the paw paw tree is harvested to sell at roadside stands and local markets, since it has a limited short shelf life..  The leaves on the paw paw trees are large, oval shaped and droop downward and can grow as large as 6 inches in length.  In the forests the paw paw trees grow as an understory tree, but for the best quality and high fruit yields, the paw paw should be grown exposed to the full sun.  Most paw paw trees that are sold commercially by mailorder nurseries are seedling trees, but grafted paw paw trees will produce predictable quality fruits with higher quality an earlier production of paw paws.  The fruit  grows in cluster of up to 10 individual paw paws, and the skin when tree ripe is green (rarely yellow), and is soft and tender.  The banana-like aroma and the flavor of the ripe paw paw occurs in August through October with large seeds that are embedded within the delicious pulp.  Paw Paw trees must be necessarily cross pollinated by another cultivar or seedling  Aarons Farm offers grafted paw paw trees, however, the supplies and cultivars are so severely restricted, they are not listed online, but the availability can be discussed on the telephone.

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